CTO as a service for startups and small companies

Finding the right tech partner can be challenging. Let me fill the spot until you figure it out. No employment, no long-term contracts, cancel any time.

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You have a brilliant idea but don't know how to realize it? Or, you found a low-cost dev team to implement it, but can't validate their work? You could hire a full-time, skilled professional, but that would significantly increase costs. Many startups are facing this dilemma, choosing between an expensive CTO and taking their chances without one. Our service solves it: rent our skills and expertise and use them only as needed.

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Valentin Radu

Your interim CTO

Software engineer with a pragmatic, product-first approach and more than 14 years of technical expertise implementing complex infrastructures for both fast-growing startups and established companies.

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The Quiz measures where are you now. How's your team doing and what can be improved. It's designed to enable you to compare your current situation with modern development practices and have a starting point in our journey.

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If you have any questions I'd be glad to help. I usually reply in a couple of hours, less than 12 hours, depending on your timezone (I'm in EET).

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